Vacant House Check Form

The Oxford Police Department offers the Vacant House Check Program for free to all City of Oxford residents.

If you are leaving town for a weekend or an extended period of time, the Vacant House Check program is a crime prevention tool that may be very useful in protecting your home.

Be specific when providing information as this will assist our officers when performing checks. If you have any questions, contact us.


You are required to contact OPD immediately upon your return to remove your name from the check list. For those residents with roommates, the first roommate to return should call.

This form transmits information to the Oxford Division of Police electronically. If you wish, paper forms are available in the lobby of the Police Department.

Enter your zip code.
A phone number where you can be reached (e.g. your cell phone number). Include the area code. If in doubt, enter your home telephone number.
Will any lights be left on or placed on timers in your home? Specify which rooms will be lit.
Give the name and phone number of someone in Oxford who holds a key to your home and can be contacted in an emergency (property manager, neighbor, relative, friend etc.).
Who should be contacted should an emergency arise at your home? (you, neighbor, property manager, etc. Give a name and phone number)
Will anyone be feeding your pets? Watering your plants? Working in your home? Collecting your mail? Specify anyone who has your permission to be at your home while you are away, when he or she will be there, and what he or she will be doing.
Does your home have an alarm system? Is it a FIRE alarm (not smoke detectors)? Is it an INTRUSION alarm? Does it reset itself or is a key required? If a key is required, please provide the name and phone number of the key holder.
Will vehicles be left in the driveway? If yes, please provide a description (color, make, model, license plate number).
Is there anything else we need to know about your home or who has permission to be there while you are gone to ensure its safety and ours?


Follow simple Crime Prevention rules while you are away to protect your home and your belongings:

  • place lights on timers to give the impression of the house being occupied
  • stop all newspaper and mail delivery during your absence
  • ensure your windows & doors have secure locks and make sure the house is LOCKED prior to leaving town
  • close and secure your garage
  • do not leave your vehicle on city streets as it can be cited and towed for violating the city’s 72 Hour parking prohibition
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