Proposed Short-Term Rental Regulations


The City has explored the passage of short-term rental regulations for some time. The Oxford Business Code currently defines a short-term rental as a dwelling unit that is rented, leased, or otherwise assigned for tenancy of less than 14 consecutive days duration for any single stay.

On April 16, 2019, City Council adopted an ordinance requiring all short-term rentals to register with the City. The purpose of the registration program was to gain a more complete understanding of the extent and magnitude of short-term rentals operating within Oxford, in order to inform the adoption of appropriate regulations. Community Development Department staff presented a Findings Report to City Council on September 3, 2019. The Department also partnered with Miami University’s Farmer School of Business to conduct additional short-term rental research for the City of Oxford and surrounding areas, completed in January 2020.

Proposed Legislation

The City’s drafted regulations propose to retire the term short-term rental and replace with two distinct use definitions: (1) bed & breakfasts (B&B); and (2) transient guest lodging (TGL).

Bed & breakfasts are currently permitted as a principal use of property on a conditional basis in all residential zoning districts, subject to City Council approval. This policy is proposed to continue, with some additional standards including the filing of a rental permit to ensure the property is compliant with local codes and safe for guests. All previously approved B&Bs would continue to be valid so long as permits are kept in good standing.

Transient guest lodging is proposed to be added to the Code and defined as an accessory use of property whereby a 1-family, 2-family or 3-family structure could be rented out to transients no more than 90 total days per year, with no more than 1 booking at a time, and thus otherwise subject to all other permitting procedures and safety standards normally required of long-term rentals.

Download the Regulation Summary for more information.


The Planning Commission reviewed staff’s latest proposal during a regular meeting on June 9, 2020. Staff is looking to obtain additional feedback from affected stakeholders and residents prior to bringing amended legislation back before the Planning Commission for a formal vote. Any legislation recommended for approval by the Planning Commission requires two readings and a final vote of approval by City Council.

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