Winter Weather

Picture of West High Street at West Park Place, with winter weather and snow beginning to cover street.

Winter Weather Alerts

OPD sends out email and text alerts via Nixle when it declares a snow emergency or when snow/ice accumulation is 3 inches or greater. Register for this service to help avoid a citation and/or impounded vehicle.

Snow Route Information

  • Picture of a snow route signSnow routes in Oxford are designated by a red, blue & white sign. View the Designated Snow Routes Map »
  • No vehicles may be parked on any snow route during any level of snow emergency and/or when snow and/or ice accumulation is 3 inches or greater. Any vehicle found parked on designated streets is subject to towing and impoundment at the owner’s expense. In addition, the owner/operator may be cited for a violation of O.C.C. 351.16, a minor misdemeanor.
  • Again, a snow emergency does not have to be declared for parking to be prohibited on snow routes. Regardless of the snow advisory level (0-3), parking is prohibited when the accumulation (on the road surface) is 3 inches or greater.
  • Unless a snow emergency is declared, once the street crews have plowed a snow route and the accumulation is less than 3 inches, parking is permissible. However, motorists are cautioned that during a major snow event, it doesn’t take long for 3 inches to accumulate on a previously plowed snow route. As soon as that threshold is met, vehicles are subject to towing and impoundment.
  • Once the snow emergency is cancelled and snow accumulation is less than 3 inches, parking is permissible.
  • To accommodate student residents that typically park their vehicles on snow routes, Miami University will open up Millett Hall parking for displaced vehicles.
  • When in doubt, err on the side of caution – park somewhere else so that street crews can clear the major thoroughfares.

Snow Emergency Levels

When weather conditions appear likely to cause slippery or hazardous conditions which might lead to serious congestion or hazard, the City Manager may declare a snow emergency (O.C.C. 351.161). There are three levels of snow emergency:

Level 1

Roadways are hazardous with blowing and drifting snow. Roads are also icy. Citizens should drive cautiously.

Level 2

Roadways are hazardous with blowing and drifting snow. Only those who feel it is necessary to drive should be out on the roadways. Citizens should contact employers to determine if they should report to work.

Level 3

All roadways are closed to nonemergency personnel. No one should be out during these conditions. Those traveling on roadways may subject themselves to arrest.

In addition to being cited for a violation of O.C.C. 351.16, those opting to drive during a Level III emergency should be aware that such conduct is prima facie evidence of Misconduct at an Emergency, a violation of O.C.C. 509.05 (a)(2). In addition to criminal charges, the driver’s vehicle is subject to towing and impoundment.

Related Information

  • Throughout the winter months, all residents are encouraged to follow local weather reports as any significant snowfall could result in the need to clear snow routes and/or the declaration of a snow emergency. The city will make every attempt to inform residents about changing conditions via the local media and its website.
  • When the snow melts, it is the owner’s and/or operator’s responsibility to ensure that their vehicle is parked within twelve inches of the curb. Vehicles parked more than 12” from the curb will be cited.
  • Do not call Police Headquarters for weather or road reports during inclement weather. For road reports, use the OHGO app for iPhone and Android or call the Butler County Emergency Information Hotline at (513) 785-5800.

View more information in the Oxford Codified Code »