Smart Meters Frequently Asked Questions

Where are the Smart Meters and Kiosks?

Smart Meters are located on High Street between College and Campus Avenues, on Church Street between N. Beech and N. Poplar Streets, on Walnut Street between S. Beech and S. Poplar Streets, and between the 0 block and the 200 block of S. Campus Avenue. 

There are Kiosks, otherwise known as pay stations, in the Uptown Parking Lot located at 21 North Main Street, which is the same location as the Uptown Farmers Market. There are also kiosks installed from the 300 to the 800 block of S. Campus Avenue.


Smart Meter map

What is the cost of a Smart Meter?

Only the Smart Meters and Kiosks are $1.00 per hour. The remaining non-smart meters will stay the same.

Can I still use coins?

Yes, Smart meters allow both credit cards and coins, but to use a credit card there is a minimum of $1.00.

  • 3 minutes = $0.05
  • 6 minutes = $0.10
  • 15 minutes = $0.25
  • 30 minutes = $0.50
  • 1 hour = $1.00

What are the parking meter hours?

Meters will continue to be enforced Monday through Saturday from 9:00 AM to 8:00 PM.

Meters on High Street have always had a time limit of 2 hours and we increased the time allowed in the Uptown Parking Lot to 10 hours.

Has the ticket cost changed?

No, tickets for an expired meter remain $10.00 per offense.

Other questions?

Email or call 513-524-5240