Smart Meters

Map of Uptown Oxford displaying smart meter areas and parking areas.

The City of Oxford launched smart meters with IPS. The City installed individual smart meters in the East High Street block between Main Street and Poplar Street and two pay stations in the Uptown Parking Lot.

ParkMobile App

The City of Oxford has partnered with ParkMobile to provide contactless payments for all parking meters, including non-smart meters. Maximum parking durations still apply.

Image of ParkMobile logo and iOS app.

Street Meters

How to Use the M5 Smart Meter from IPS Group on Vimeo.

Uptown Lot and Uptown Garage Pay Stations

How to Use the MS1 Pay Station in Pay-by-Plate Mode from IPS Group on Vimeo.

My Parking Receipt from IPS Group on Vimeo.