Oxford Parking & Transportation Advisory Board

Consists of seven members; one being a member of City Council, one appointed by the Planning Commission, one appointed by the Environmental Commission, one Chamber of Commerce representative, plus three citizen members appointed by Council. The City Manager is an ex-officio member of the Board. The board shall make recommendations to the City Manager and City Council regarding parking and transportation policies and improvements in the City of Oxford and promote the goals of the Comprehensive Plan. The board shall meet quarterly (and only more often when specifically needed) to best align with the annual decision-making cycle for capital improvements budgeting and street resurfacing. A chair shall be appointed by members of the board as well as a secretary who shall be responsible for taking meeting minutes. Citizen members shall serve 3 year terms.

Member Term Limit: 
3 Years


Title Name Term Ends
Chamber Representative Kathy Fawley June 2022
Council Representative David Prytherch December 2021
Environmental Commission Representative Jon Ralinovsky December 2021
Member Thor Hogan June 2022
Member George (Lee) Fisher June 2024
Member Vincent Hand June 2023
Planning Commission Representative Carla Blackmar December 2021