OPD Proudly Announces Valor Immersion Project

Monday, May 17, 2021

The Oxford Division of Police announces the launch of the VALOR Immersion Project.  The VALOR Immersion Project is a project under the Bureau of Justice Assistance (BJA) and is designed to provide specific agencies from rural or tribal communities with in-depth officer safety and wellness training based on their individual needs.  Each agency has been assigned a VALOR Technical Assistant Coordinator (VTAC) focused on working exclusively with their designated agency.  Through virtual means, the VTAC spent substantial time with the appointed agency, homing in on their specific training needs through multi-page assessments and interviews.  Moving forward, the results of these assessments will lead to custom virtual trainings covering categories such as tactical safety, wellness, resiliency, suicide prevention, traffic safety, and policy development.

The Project began with an applicant pool of over 100 agencies across the country in rural, tribal, and territorial communities.  A network of subject-matter experts, law enforcement association contacts, and organizational relationships were utilized to identify those agencies and delivered outreach messages across the country to ensure equal opportunity, in terms of access, to this program.  Five agencies were chosen, each representing different regions of the United States.  These agencies expressed great interest in improving their officer safety and wellness culture through assessments, training, and technical assistance delivery.  Some of the specific focused trainings will include but not be limited to the following topics: Organizational culture; policy development; strategic planning; stress awareness; suicide awareness; resiliency; complacency; foot pursuits; active shooter; mental fitness; physical fitness; and financial wellness. 

The VALOR Immersion Project is part of BJA’s VALOR Officer Safety and Wellness Program, which was created in response to the startling increase in felonious assaults that have taken the lives of many law enforcement officers.  VALOR provides all levels of law enforcement with tools to help prevent violence against law enforcement officers and enhance their safety, wellness, and resiliency.  VALOR Training provides critical nationwide, no-cost officer safety training to all levels of law enforcement.  Since the inception of the initiative, more than 60,000 law enforcement personnel have received VALOR Training.  For more information on BJA and the VALOR Program, please visit bja.ojp.gov or valorforblue.org.

Chief Jones firmly believes that Oxford will be a safer and healthier community as a result of this effort to improve the safety and wellness of the police officers who serve in this community and the excellent public safety product delivered by our officers will continuously improve. 

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