Amtrak in Oxford, Ohio-An opportunity for catalytic change:

Tuesday, March 9, 2021

Amtrak in Oxford, Ohio-An opportunity for catalytic change:

 The City of Oxford has been actively working toward growing its multi-modal transit operations for several years and has been working to bring an Amtrak stop to Oxford since 2017. The opportunity for an Amtrak stop in the Oxford community has huge potential as an economic growth mechanism and can also serve as a catalyst toward achieving the climate goals of the community.

The City has worked with Amtrak to identify locations for a possible stop, shared potential ridership numbers from the City and Miami University, and has made a financial commitment to help bring Amtrak to the Oxford community.  In 2017, Amtrak asked the City to proceed with planning and funding but did not formally commit to coordination with CSX and or the proposed stop.

Both Miami University and the City are joint partners in this initiative and have each pledged $350,000 toward bringing an Amtrak stop to Oxford for a total of $700,000 pledged and a commitment to seek additional grant funds if needed.

FAQ about Amtrak and Oxford, Ohio:

 Amtrak Cardinal Line:

City of Oxford and Miami University have been working together to bring an Amtrak stop on the Cardinal Line that travels from Washington DC to Chicago, IL

  • Amtrak train already goes through town but does not stop.

 Cardinal Line Map

Amtrak’s Partnership:

  • In 2017, Amtrak confirmed that our resident and MU student population may warrant a stop with a Category 4 Amtrak Platform. This is an unstaffed platform with a ticket kiosk.
    • Amtrak asked the City to proceed with planning and funding but did not formally commit to coordination with CSX and the stop.
  • In January 2021, Amtrak called the City to enquire about funding allocated and the state of plans. They shared their growth and expansion plans. 
  • In February 2021, the Oxford City Council passed a Resolution supporting Amtrak and their growth plans and encouraged a stop in Oxford.

Multimodal Planning and Existing Funding:

The City of Oxford is working with Miami University and the Butler County Regional Transit Authority (BCRTA), and Amtrak, with the goal of building a multi-modal facility in this location.

  • Car: This location is home to an existing large parking lot
  • Bus: BCRTA has $11.4M in funding and is beginning the process of building its new bus terminal.
    • This terminal will also house a waiting area and restrooms for possible use by future Amtrak customers.
  • Rail: The City and University have each committed $350K toward the proposed Amtrak project for a total of $700K allocated toward the proposed project.
  • Bike/Pedestrian
    • The City’s Oxford Area Multi-Use Trail will connect this area and there is $10M allocated toward the entire trail project.

 Planned Next Steps:

  • The City of Oxford is in the process of hiring a vendor to develop a formal cost and construction design estimate for the Amtrak platform.
    • With this formal cost estimate and a commitment from Amtrak, the City may decide to either fully fund the Amtrak platform or seek grants if the costs exceed local funding ability.
  • Amtrak and CSX Coordination
    • Before the City can move forward with building the platform we will require Amtrak’s formal support of the program and coordination with CSX to allow for the stop.  

Platform rendering