Oxford Police Survey

Friday, February 5, 2021

The City is currently conducting a survey (provided by an external independent research firm) about the services provided by the Oxford Police Division. Residents have been randomly selected by their mailing addresses. If your household received a yellow postcard signed by the City Manager, you have been selected to participate in the survey. The adult 18 years or older in your household who most recently had a birthday should complete the survey online. Your responses are completely anonymous and will be reported in group form only. Your input will be invaluable in assessing the current services provided by the Police Division and providing input for ways to improve this service. The survey does not take much time to complete and will make a big difference!


In about two weeks any resident who wishes to participate will be able to do so. A link will be provided on the city’s webpage to complete the survey. Results will be tabulated for the random sample and the rest of the community.  As of 2/5/2021, over 200 responses have been received.