Oxford Fire Department Awarded Grant through Partnership with Miami University and Oxford Township

Thursday, October 11, 2018

In 2016, the State offered the opportunity for local governments to apply for a grant to help purchase equipment that would enhance public safety.  In order to be considered for the grant, local governments needed to partner with other government entities for the purpose of efficiency and cost savings.  Fire Chief, John Detherage, submitted the City of Oxford’s grant application demonstrating the cooperative efforts of the City of Oxford, Miami University and Oxford Township.  In 2017, Chief Detherage learned that the City of Oxford had been awarded a grant of $200,000 to put towards purchasing a needed Tanker Pumper truck.  The remainder of the cost of the Tanker Pumper would be split between the three government partners at $124,801.67 each.

Last week, a 2018 Sutphen Tanker Pumper with a 450hp diesel engine and 1750 gpm pump was delivered to the Oxford Fire Department.  The Tanker Pumper will essentially take the place of two vehicles – an engine and a tanker.  The new vehicle has ladders, hoses, pump, 2000g water tank, tools and can carry a crew of four.    In collaborating with Miami University and Oxford Township, Oxford Fire Department is now more efficient.  The Tanker Pumper uses less people and does the job of two trucks.  There will be cost savings in man-hours, equipment, and water hauling.

Tanker 1