New Bike Box Intersection Safety Design on Locust St.

Thursday, August 2, 2018

New pavement marking and intersection design on South Locust Street includes the installation of bike boxes at the Locust St. /Bishop Square and Locust St. / Spring St. signalized intersections.  A bike box is a green marked pavement area with a white bicycle symbol inside it, located behind the crosswalk at a signalized intersection.  A bike box located behind the crosswalk and directly in front of queued motor vehicles gives bicyclists a more visible and safe area to wait for the traffic signal to turn green. 

When the traffic signal is yellow or red, bicyclists should enter the bike box from the approaching green bike lane, and motorists must stop behind the white stop line located behind the green bike box.  Motorists should not stop on top of the Bike Box.  When the traffic signal turns green, motorists and bicyclists proceed through the intersection as usual, with bicyclists going first.  Motorists must yield to bicyclists before proceeding or making a turn.

Bike Box

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