New Uptown Historic District Building Inventory

Monday, June 4, 2018

On March 20, 2018, Oxford City Council approved a new Building Inventory for the Uptown Historic District. This was the result of over two years of volunteer committee work studying the architectural and local history of all 155 buildings in the district. The previous inventory completed in 1994 only included 41 buildings primarily on High Street, therefore there was limited guidance for building changes or demolitions on other streets such as Church and Walnut.

Exterior changes or alterations within a historic district require administrative review or approval of the Historic and Architectural Preservation Commission (HAPC). Following the correct process ensures that all owners are treated equally and the local economy benefits by retaining what is unique to Oxford. There are three levels of process required, depending upon the magnitude of the proposed change:

  • Administrative (no hearing – 5-10 days) – fences, different windows, paint color changes, new signs, new roofing
  • One hearing (Minor modifications such as additions or synthetic materials – 20-30 days)
  • Two hearings (Major modifications such as demolitions or new construction – 40-50 days)

Examples of changes that do not need to be reviewed by the HAPC are:

  • Interior remodeling
  • Re-painting the existing exterior colors
  • Maintenance or replacement of deteriorated materials with same materials (gutters, windows, trim, etc)

Download the Inventory now. You may also purchase a hard copy for $5.00 in the Community Development Department.

Call 513-524-5204 if you have questions or contact Planner and Interim Community Development Director Sam Perry.

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