Rental permitting program receives positive responses to questionnaire

Friday, October 21, 2016

In September, the City of Oxford Community Development Department mailed a questionnaire to property managers who renewed rental permits between January and August 2016. We wanted to gauge property manager satisfaction level of our rental permitting process. We mailed 262 questionnaires and received 110 responses, for a response rate of 42%. The responses were very positive and we will review them to determine what improvements can be made.


We asked:

  1. How do you rate the renewal notice that you receive?
  2. How do you rate the renewal notice timeliness for avoiding late fees?
  3. How do you rate the revised rental permit application?
  4. Do you know there is a fillable PDF version of the rental permit application available at
  5. Have you used the fillable PDF of the rental permit application?
  6. How was your experience using the fillable PDF version of the rental permit application?
  7. How likely are you to use the fillable PDF rental permit application?
  8. What is your experience in scheduling rental inspections?
  9. If available, how likely would you use an online rental permit management website (apply/renew, make payments, schedule inspections, etc.)?
  10. How do you rate the overall inspection process?
  11. How do you rate the available rental inspection hours?
  12. Do you have comments you would like to provide about the rental inspection process?


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