Rumor vs. Fact

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

It has been brought to our attention that rumors are circulating concerning crime in Oxford. We want to put minds at ease as well as inform everyone as to what is rumor and what is fact.

Rumor #1: Gangs with Monkey Masks or Red Shirts

Rumors of different gangs wearing monkey masks and/or red shirts running around Oxford committing various crimes. To date, there have been no actual police reports filed that reflect this information. Anyone having information about such crimes should contact the Oxford Division of Police.

Rumor #2: Attempted Abductions

Rumors of males with a Serbian accent attempting to lure Miami University females into vehicles have not been substantiated. Again, nothing has been reported to OPD reflecting this information.

Rumor #3: Assaults on Miami Students

Rumors of assaults on Miami Students by “townies” have no factual basis. There has been no substantial increase in assaults this school year and reported assaults seem to be student on student or townie on townie.

Rumor #4: Burglaries

There has been a recent increase in thefts from houses in the mile square area; however, these have not been typical burglaries. Burglaries where people break into locked houses during the night aren’t occurring. Thefts from houses where large parties have just concluded and the residents have gone uptown have occurred. It’s believed that people who attended the parties may have scouted out items to steal; and when the residents and party goers went uptown, the burglars re-entered the unlocked residence and remove items. These appear to be crimes of opportunity. Residents are reminded to keep their rooms and houses locked at all times.

Rumor #5: Computer Thefts

There has been an increase in thefts of computers this year. The majority of these thefts, especially thefts from motor vehicles, appear to be crimes of opportunity. Computers left in plain view and/or in unlocked homes and vehicles seem to be targeted. Keep your homes and vehicles locked!

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