Upcoming Fire Station Addition

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Since the transition from a volunteer to a 24/7 part time operation in 2009, the Fire Division space needs have changed. Additional space was needed for meeting, sleeping, storage, and restrooms. Plans for a two story addition were approved. This will add approximately 2,100 square feet of additional needed facilities. The project was bid out recently and three bids were received. JK Custom Homes was the lowest and best bidder at $387,000 including the alternate for a basement under the new addition. The plans also call for the entire building to be fire sprinkled which will be bid out separately. Construction will begin soon and should be completed in about six months. This new addition will serve the needs of the Oxford Fire/EMS Division for many years to come.


South Rendering

South Rendering of Fire Station

Southeast Rendering

Southeast Rendering of Fire Station

West Rendering

West Rendering of Fire Station