Reminder to Keep Grass Clippings Out of Streets, Gutters, and Storm Drains

Thursday, June 5, 2014

The City of Oxford would like to remind residents and commercial mowers/landscapers that sweeping or blowing grass clippings or leaves into the street violates City ordinance 521.08 which prohibits putting lawn clippings or leaves in streets, gutters or other portions of the storm water system including ditches and storm drains.  Streets and gutters flow into the storm water drainage system, which in turn, flow into area streams and rivers.  The storm water drainage system does not flow to the wastewater treatment plant.

Disposing of grass clippings or leaves in the street or other portions of the storm water drainage system can create slippery conditions, flooding, and water quality issues.  When the system becomes blocked with grass clippings and leaves, it creates a flooding potential that could result in property damage.

The City of Oxford’s yard waste collection program does not allow the disposal of grass clippings at our facility.  However, Rumpke Waste Removal will collect bagged grass clippings displaying appropriate stickers.  Rumpke yard waste tags are available at the City of Oxford Municipal Building Utility window or at local hardware stores, for a fee.  Yard waste bags can be purchased at local hardware and retail stores.

Additional information is available through the City of Oxford Service Department.

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