Fill Out the Stormwater Management BMPs Questionnaire

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

The Environmental Commission is working with graduate students from the Institute for the Environment & Sustainability at Miami University. They are researching what Oxford businesses and residents are doing to mitigate possible stormwater problems and concerns.

The graduate students will be attending various community events and functions asking individuals about the Best Management Practices (BMPs) that they are currently using on their properties. Best Management Practices could include anything from rain gardens and rain barrels to pervious pavement and bio-retention.

If you are approached by one of these students, the Environmental Commission appreciates it if you would spend a brief amount of time talking with them. A few minutes of your time might make a big difference in how Oxford approaches future stormwater situations. If you know someone else who has already incorporated BMPs at their place of business or residence, it would also be much appreciated if you encourage them to take this questionnaire also.

Fill Out The Questionnaire

If you are using a Best Management Practice (BMP), fill out the questionnaire.

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