McCullough-Hyde Board of Trustees

Consists of ten members appointed by the Mayor with the approval of Council. Serves as the board of directors for the hospital, in accordance with the last will and testament of Daisy McCullough Heath. Since the hospital is a regional facility, members of the board are not restricted to the City of Oxford.

Member Term Limit: 
Five years


Title Name Term Ends
Member Mary Cornett July 2021
Member Steve Flee July 2022
Member Karen Baker July 2025
Member Steve Snyder July 2024
Member Sibyl Miller July 2022
Member Deloris Rome Hudson July 2023
Member Tim McGowan July 2024
Member Pat Sidley July 2025
Member Lisa Ciampa June 2023
Member Tom McQuiston July 2021

Upcoming Meetings

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Previous Meetings

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