Environmental Commission

The purpose of the Environmental Commission shall be to promote and foster an awareness of environmental issues in the community, insure the consideration of environmental quality through community programs, and provide information to the community. The Commission also advises, reports, and recommends to City Council on environmental issues referred to them by Council.

Consists of seven members; one being a member of City Council, one appointed by the Planning Commission and confirmed by City Council,  plus five citizen members appointed by City Council, three of which have educational and/or professional experience in the environmental field.  The City Manager is an ex-officio member of the Commission.

First Wednesday of each month at 7:00 PM


Title Name Term Ends
Council Representative Chantel Raghu December 2021
Member Steven Elliott June 2023
Member Justin Fain June 2025
Member Currently Vacant June 2022
Member Heather Barrett June 2025
Member Jon Ralinovsky June 2022
Planning Commission Representative Jason Bracken December 2021

Upcoming Meetings

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