Yard Waste Pickup Program

Oxford residents may dispose of brush and yard waste (no grass) at the curbside on normal refuse pick-up days, free of charge (see schedule below).


  • You must tie brush in bundles no longer than three feet in length and not heavier than 50 pounds. You should tie brush with a natural fiber cord (cotton, linen, twine). We will not accept brush tied with wire, plastic, or nylon cord.
  • Place smaller yard waste items in paper bags and leave the bag open. Yard waste will not be accepted if it is placed in cans or in plastic bags. Place yard waste items separate from refuse.
  • Limit yard waste to six (6) bundles or bags per pick up and place yard waste at the pick-up site no later than 7:00 a.m. on normal refuse days.
  • Items that are non-conforming to these criteria will not be classified as yard waste and will not be picked up by City crews.
  • This yard waste pick up program is designed to handle typical residential yard trimmings.  It is not designed to pick up excessive amounts of debris left by a tree trimming service or landscaping company.

Yard Waste and Brush Pickup Schedule

December, January, and February

First full week of the month on regular refuse pickup days.

March through November

Every week on regular refuse pick up days.

Crews will not pick up bundles of yard waste not conforming to specifications. A crew member will leave a tag on the yard waste explaining why it is not collected.

Contact Us

Direct questions regarding this program to the Streets & Maintenance Division at (513) 523-8412.