Wastewater Collection Division

The Wastewater Collection Division is responsible for maintenance, cleaning & rehabilitation to the sanitary sewer system. Routine operation of jet cleaning equipment is part of the regular preventative maintenance program. This operation maintains the system’s integrity by using high-pressure water along with mechanical cutters to remove root intrusions and grease buildup. The next step in the program is regular inspections by use of a truck mounted main line camera system and portable lateral camera system. The information gathered is used to identify problem areas and evaluate maintenance operations. All new sanitary sewer installations are video inspected prior to acceptance.

Information for Property Owners

Properties connect to the sanitary sewer collection system through a pipe known as the sanitary sewer lateral. Property owners are responsible for the installation and maintenance of the sanitary sewer lateral. This consists of the service from the building connection to, and including, the tap into the sanitary sewer main line. Sanitary sewer main lines are located in the utility right of way also in property easements.

What to Do in Case of a Problem

To report a sanitary sewer problem, missing manhole cover or other problem, contact the Service Department at (513) 524-5206, from Monday through Friday, between 8:00am and 5:00pm . After hours calls are handled through the Police Department, (513) 524-5240.

Contact Us

(513) 523-2017

Wastewater Collections, 503 McKee Avenue