Deer Management Program


The goal of this program is to maintain deer populations at levels that can be sustained by the local environment, that prevent the spread of disease, limit the number of deer-vehicle accidents, and reduce damage to vegetation and the local environment. As the Deer Management Program (Program) is intended for the deer population, no other game or nuisance animals are to be harvested in association with the City of Oxford’s (Oxford’s) Program, even if permitted in the 2013-2014 Hunting and Trapping Regulations of the Ohio Department of Natural Resources (ODNR).

Selection, Background Check & Qualifications

This season’s DMP has 17 participants. The vast majority of the participants have been involved with the DMP since it’s initiation in 2009.  Participants are required to have passed a proficiency test with their bows or crossbows (four of five arrows or bolts into an 8-ich diameter target from 20 yards), and have taken and passed the Ohio Department of Natural Resources Hunter’s Safety Course.  An Oxford Police Department background inspection is also conducted on each participant.


The DMP runs during deer archery hunting season, from the last Saturday in September to the first Sunday in February each year. This season, it ranges from September 28, 2019, until February 2, 2020. 


For more information, download: 2019 Program Information Packet