Backflow/Cross Connection Control Program

The City of Oxford’s (City) Backflow/Cross Connection Control Program helps provide protection of the public water system from contamination through any connection whereby water from a private, auxiliary, or emergency water system may enter the public water system.

Responsibility for backflow/cross connection control lies jointly with the public water supply (City), the water consumer, and the regulatory agencies (Ohio Environmental Protection Agency (OEPA), Ohio Department of Health, and the Butler County Board of Health).

The OEPA requires the City, under rule 3745-95 of the Ohio Administrative Code, to implement and conduct an on-going backflow prevention and cross connection control program. The City is committed to meeting the requirements of the OEPA to assure water quality at the user’s tap and to control potential hazards to the City’s water system posed by backflow/cross connection conditions.

All new commercial services requiring City water shall have an appropriate backflow prevention device installed prior to water service activation. For existing water services, requirements for backflow/cross connection control are retroactive, and thus, pertain to those facilities as well. The type of backflow device required for each facility is determined by the City who reviews all data gathered to determine the type of device needed.

A list of Ohio Certified backflow installers and testers is available, upon request. Annual tests are required to ensure proper operation of each device. Any violation of this Ordinance No. 2373 may result in the termination of the water service to the customer’s property.

For additional information, you may contact the Service Department at (513) 524-5206.