Criminal Investigations


The Criminal Investigations Unit and Property Room are supervised by Detective Sergeant Dave King.

Evidence and Lost Property

The Evidence Unit is responsible for the intake and management of all evidence and lost property, oversees the impounding of vehicles and their release, and produces the rota of salvage vehicles for sale and property destruction lists. The Property Room Manager, Perry Gordon can be contacted at (513) 524-5255.

Assist Us

The Criminal Investigations Unit would like your help in providing information that may lead to the arrest of wanted persons.

  • Call (513) 524-5248. Messages may not be received until the next business day.
  • To report a crime in progress, call the communications center at (513) 523-4321 or, if an emergency, 911.
  • Submit a Crime Stoppers Tip.

Campus Crime Alerts

The Miami University Police release campus crime alerts to give students, faculty and staff timely notification about certain crimes in and around our community that may present a threat to the campus community and to heighten safety awareness. In general, criminal suspects are unknown to victims. Visit their website for further information about recent alerts.