Tips for Living in Oxford

Each year the Oxford Police Department produces the Tips for Living in Oxford brochure on some of the laws in Oxford that are considered core “quality of life” issues as well as general information about policing in Oxford.

OPD divided the City of Oxford into five districts, and assigned a team of officers to each district. Though all officers patrol the Oxford area in general, the district teams allow residents to meet specific officers to discuss issues, concerns, and problems, and work with those same officers to find solutions. District teams will be knocking on doors within their area over the next month, shaking hands, introducing themselves, and opening avenues of communication with Oxford Residents. The Tips sheet is one of the items they will be handing out.

The Tips sheet does not cover every issue and problem encountered in Oxford when working toward a better quality of life. It does contain some of the most frequently asked questions regarding certain issues in Oxford, such as litter, noise, and community oriented policing. Over the coming months, the newsletter and the website will offer information regarding issues and problems that come to our attention. Tips sheets will also be utilized to address season-specific information, as this one addresses general issues that face our community each fall.

If you have difficulty accessing the brochure and would like a hard copy, or if you need further information on these issues or other concerns, contact Amy Gabbard.