Check Fraud

Many fraudulent checks are not difficult to spot if the employee is paying attention. Knowing this the criminal may try to rush the employee through the transaction or feign anger to throw the employee off.

Never let a customer control the transaction.

When taking a check insist on proper photo ID and make sure the addresses of the check and ID match. Write down the address on the photo ID even if the customer insists that another address they give you is more current.

Be suspicious of any checks showing the following telltales:

  • No perforation on the check edges.
  • Spots or alterations of the check’s color or background.
  • Checks numbered under 500 (New account).
  • Post dated.
  • Glossy rather than dull finish of the magnetic ink on the bottom of the check.
  • Signature that doesn’t match the spelling of the imprinted name on the check or the ID provided.
  • Out of area banks or payroll checks on unknown businesses.