Crime Prevention & Safety

Crime is everywhere, even in a quiet community like Oxford. Recognizing this unfortunate truth is your first step toward crime prevention. Integrating this awareness into your day-to-day lifestyle is a practical matter. Many crime prevention tips are active awareness and common sense. Yet in our hectic lives, we often fall into a false sense of security and overlook the little things that ensure our safety.

OPD is committed to ensuring Oxford is a safe community. We do our best, but need your active involvement as well. This section will provide you a starting place with recommendations and tips for ensuring your quality of life is crime-free. Remember: there are no sure preventatives of crime. In addition, these tips may not fit your specific situation; they are a starting place for consideration so be creative in working towards being safe.

Officers are available to work with individuals, groups, neighborhoods, and organizations. You can arrange for an officer to assist by calling (513) 524-5240 or emailing