Ride-Along with the Oxford Police

The Ride-Along Program allows residents of the Oxford area to observe police operations from an internal perspective by riding with on-duty police officers. The program is an educational tool for participants and acquaints citizens with the complexities of police work.

If you are interested in riding along with the Oxford Police, you must first read and understand the rules for participation below and complete the release form.

Rules for Participation

Officers will make every effort to ensure the safety of ride along participants and not expose them to unnecessary risks or danger. Ride along participants are not active participants; they are observers. Officers will not permit ride along participants to engage or assist in police activities such as, but not limited to: checking buildings, directing traffic, driving a police vehicle, etc.

  1. Civilian riders will remain in the vehicle at all times unless authorized to exit by the police officer.
  2. Civilian riders are required to follow the instructions of a police officer at all times.
  3. Civilian riders are not permitted to use the police radio or any police equipment except in an extreme emergency and as directed to do so.
  4. Civilian riders are required to wear suitable attire. Shorts, jeans, jogging or sweat suits are not acceptable. A dress shirt with a collar and dress pants are recommended for males, pants & blouse are suggested for females. Uniform style clothing is prohibited.
  5. At no time is a civilian permitted to carry any weapons during the rider program.
  6. Riders will wear a seatbelt when riding in a city owned vehicle.
  7. Riders will not bring any electronic or other device on the ride unless specifically authorized by the Chief of Police or the Community Services Section commander. Prohibited equipment includes recording devices, tape players, televisions, radios and cameras (still or video).
  8. Should the officer be dispatched to a violent situation, the ride along participant will be discharged in a safe location and another patrol unit will be assigned to pick up the rider as soon as possible.
  9. Riders are expected to conduct themselves with proper decorum at all times, and will not interfere with police officers in the performance of their duty.
  10. If circumstances dictate, anytime during a shift an officer may request, through the immediate supervisor, that the ride along privileges of his/her passenger be terminated.
  11. Prior to the commencement of a ride, all paperwork must be completed.
  12. A completed and approved request to ride is valid for one year. Typically, civilian riders will be permitted to ride for one shift per year.
  13. All riders are expected to carefully abide by the Agreement of Confidentiality. When it comes to the attention of police personnel that a rider has violated that agreement, future rides will be disallowed.


Release of Liability & Assumption of Risk

Submit forms to Sgt. Benjamin Hool  at the Oxford Police Station. You can reach him for questions by email or phone at (513) 524-5254.