Winter Citations

Leaving Town?

Anyone leaving town is strongly encouraged to find alternate parking for vehicles—leaving them on city streets is costly and potentially dangerous when inclement weather occurs (accidents) or as potential targets for vandalism or theft.

Leaving your vehicle on designated snow routes or on city streets will lead to a citation, possibly immobilization with a “boot,” and possibly having your vehicle towed and impounded.

The Oxford Police Department cannot emphasize this enough: bad weather can hit at any time. Therefore, if you are leaving town for any length of time, remove your vehicles from Designated Snow Routes.

Snow Routes are marked with a Red, White, and Blue sign. View the Designated Snow Routes Map »

It is a violation of Oxford City Code to park your vehicle for 72 consecutive hours or more on a city street. Violating this section of the OCC will result in a citation, possibly having your vehicle immobilized, possibly having it towed and impounded.

Winter Weather Alerts

OPD sends out email and text alerts via Nixle when it declares a snow emergency or when snow/ice accumulation is 3 inches or greater. Register for this service to help avoid a citation and/or impounded vehicle.

Citation Costs

Parking on Designated Snow Routes

  • First Offense: $25
  • Second Offense: $50
  • Third and Subsequent Offenses: $75

Parking in Violation of 72-Hour Rule

  • $50

Immobilization with a Boot

  • The cost to immobilize your vehicle with a boot is $100.00 to attach it; after 24 hours, there is a fee of $12.00 a day to “store” it with the boot attached.
  • The cost to tow a vehicle is a minimum of $100.00 (the need for special equipment will result in other fees), $100.00 to impound, and after 24 hours $12.00 a day to store.
  • In addition, if we boot your vehicle and it gets towed and impounded for weather or street maintenance purposes, you are responsible for both the immobilization fees and tow/impound fees.