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Parking in Oxford sometimes can be time-consuming and frustrating. Yet, if you become frustrated and decide to park illegally or unsafely, you could return to find a citation or an immobilization lock on your vehicle.

Be aware of where you would like to park:

  • Are there signs designating time restrictions or denoting private property?
  • Is the street posted as a Residential Permitted Parking (RPP) area for residents only?
  • Are the curbs painted yellow or blue?
  • If you paid for two hours of parking, are you certain you can return in time to move your vehicle?

Citation Payment

  • Pay in-person at the Oxford Police Department, Monday through Friday, 8am to 5pm (except holidays)
  • Enclose the payment and citation (parking ticket) in the envelope and deposit the envelope in the collection box located on West Park Place across the one-way from Chase Bank.

Violations and Costs

Parking Meter Fines

Multi-meter and expired meter fines escalate:

  • Payment within 7 days: initial fine of $10
  • Payment within 8 through 15 days: escalation to $15 (initial $10 fine plus $5)
  • Payment after 15 days: escalation to $25 (initial $10 fine plus $15)

Parked over time limit:

  • Payment within 5 days: initial fine of $25
  • Payment after 5 days: escalation to $50 (initial $25 fine plus $25)

This violation has been deemed a “Habitual Offender Violation” and the fines increase with each violation received in a twelve-month period. These fines must be paid within 5 days of receipt, otherwise they double:

  • First time offender: $25 fine (after 5 days, $50)
  • Second time offender: $50 fine (after 5 days, $75)
  • Third time offender: $75 fine (after 5 days, $100)


Individuals who owe parking fines to the City of Oxford can be immobilized or “booted” until payment is made. Booting a vehicle costs $100 plus any outstanding parking fines. For each additional day the boot remains on the vehicle, there is a $12 per day fee. Boot fees escalate (increase) for each subsequent immobilization: $200 for the 2nd boot and $300 for the 3rd or subsequent boots.

If the fines and fees are not paid in the first 24 hours, OPD reserves the right to impound the vehicle. Towing the vehicle to the Impound Lot is $100 and the first day of impound is $100. If the vehicle is left booted or brought to the impound lot, a fee of $12 is added to the immobilization fees and fines for each day the car is held after the first 24 hours.

Owners of vehicles that are both booted and towed are responsible for full payment of all fees incurred through booting and towing as well as full payment of all outstanding parking citations. Vehicles will be released to the owner only after full payment for the immobilization and citations is made.

Vehicles parked in violation of the 72-hour ordinance are also subject to either “booting” or towing. This is a $50 citation.

Parking Violations and Fine Cost for First Offense


  • Expired meter *
  • Multi-space meter *


  • Abandon vehicle on private residential property
  • Double parked
  • Fire lane
  • Parked facing wrong direction
  • Parked in excess of 72-hours *
  • Parked in front or side yard
  • Parked in front or within 3 feet of driveway
  • Parked more than 12 inches from curb
  • Parked over time limit
  • Parked within 10 feet of a fire hydrant
  • Parked within 30 feet of a traffic control device
  • Parking in alleys / narrow streets
  • Parking prohibitions on private property
  • Parking vehicle across marked lines
  • Prohibited parking on sidewalk or lawn area
  • Prohibited parking within an intersection
  • Residential permitted parking
  • Unattended vehicle (remove key, set brake etc.)
  • Yellow zone / sings prohibit


  • Parking For Handicapped

Additional Information

* with the exception of certain meter violations, non-moving traffic violations have been deemed habitual offender violations and are subject to an escalating fine system.

  • First offense: $25; if not paid within 10 days, the fine increases to $50
  • Second offense: $50; if not paid within 10 days, the fine increases to $75
  • Third and subsequent offenses: $75; if not paid within 10 days, the fine increases to $100

Parking Citation Appeals

Appeals must be submitted within ten (10) days of the citation issue date to be considered for the appeal process.

Appeal a Parking Citation Online »