Volunteer Qualifications & Requirements


Persons may apply for membership in the Oxford Fire Department as firefighter/emergency medical technician (FF/EMT), or emergency medical technician (EMT) only. Application shall be made to the City Human Resources Department, on forms prescribed by HR.


Applicants must be at least 18 years of age, in good physical condition, and residents of the City of Oxford, or immediately adjacent territory where they can maintain a response time to the station of not more than five minutes driving at the posted speed limits.

They must be mature, and of good moral character. Applicants must possess a valid driver’s license and be able to provide proof of a good driving record. They must be willing to make sacrifices for their community and fellow man by being available for emergency calls at all hours. They must be cooperative and willing to submit to the discipline required of an efficient, effective fire fighting and emergency medical services organization. They must be willing to give of their time freely for training, maintenance, and general meetings for the good of the organization. A high school diploma or GED equivalent, and a current basic EMT certification by the State of Ohio is preferred.

Applicants for EMT who are not residents of the City nor live within the 5-minute response time, but who are currently certified Ohio EMTs, and who are willing to commit to serve one weekday daytime Life Squad shift per week by basing themselves within the 5-minute response area during the entire shift, may be considered for appointment as an EMT, even though failing to meet the residency requirement. Individuals appointed under such conditions will be terminated upon failure to continue to serve a weekday daytime Life Squad shift, unless they move within the 5-minute response time area and assume an alternate life squad shift.


The Fire Chief shall maintain a file of current applications. Not less than once each year, or as needed to supplement the eligibility list, the Chief shall review new applications, and invite applicants appearing to meet the minimum qualifications for an interview with the officers of the department.

During the interview, the officers will review the applicant’s qualification, availability, prior training and experience, and any applicable State certifications relative to the position. As a result of the interview, the officers may recommend placement on the eligibility list(s), provisional eligibility pending completion of training or an expected change in qualifications, or rejection of the applicant.

Separate eligibility lists shall be maintained for FF/EMT and EMT. The applicants shall be placed in rank order as recommended for hiring. Each time interviews are conducted, the eligibility lists shall be reordered. After an individual is listed for one year without appointment, they shall be sent a letter by the Chief inquiring as to whether they wish to remain on the list. Such applicants must reply in writing, in the affirmative, within 14 days, or they will be dropped from the eligibility list.


Appointments shall be made by the City Manager upon recommendation of the Fire Chief. Vacancies for FF/EMT shall be filled as soon as possible after they occur from the eligibility list. Vacancies for EMT only shall be filled at the discretion of the Chief up to the maximum approved number of EMT positions. Positions will be filled only as required to provide squad shift coverage, and availability of applicants to fill specific shifts needing coverage, shall be a factor in appointment.

Applicants selected for appointment as FF/EMT or EMT, must first successfully complete a physical exam, including drug screen, provided by the City. In addition, applicants for FF/EMT, must pass a physical agility test which duplicates actions firefighters are expected to perform in the course of actual fire attack. All exercises will be demonstrated prior to the actual test.

Certification Requirements

Newly appointed FF/EMTs must have completed a State of Ohio prescribed course in Basic Firefighting, or complete such course within one year of appointment. FF/EMTs and EMTs must be certified by the State of Ohio as an emergency medical technician, or attain such certification within 18 months of appointment to the department. FF/EMTs and EMTs must maintain Ohio EMT certification during their tenure with the department.