Checklist for Party Fire Safety

This information is only meant as a guide. Please feel free to contact the fire department for more detailed information.

In case of an emergency call 9-1-1.


  • Smoke Detectors—make sure there is nothing covering them and press the Test button to make sure it works
  • All outside doorways—are clear of obstruction and trash
  • Windows—make sure all are able to be opened
  • No candles
  • Identify fire extinguisher locations
  • Don’t overload electrical outlets; only use one extension cord length. No multi plug adapters
  • Establish ashtrays, contained with sand, at each outside doorway
  • Keep space heaters away from furniture, bedding and curtains


  • No open flames
  • Cooking—ONLY by a non-impaired person
  • Never leave cooking unattended
  • If you think there are too many people, you are right
  • Check extension cords — check for heat. If warm/hot unplug IMMEDIATELY
  • Keep trash clear from outside doorways
  • No smoking inside, this includes bedrooms

After Party

  • Know who is staying the night and where
  • Check the inside of furniture cushion(s) for discarded cigarettes/smoking materials
  • Clear all trash and obstruction from the exit paths/doorways
  • Check outside for discarded cigarettes
  • No open flames, includes candles
  • All cooking appliances are shut off and cold
  • Unplug extension cord after use. Check extension cords for heat. If warm/hot unplug IMMEDIATELY
  • Re-check the unobstructed smoke detectors