Emergency Warning System

The City of Oxford maintains an emergency warning system. The warning sirens are located at:

  • East Walnut Street
  • Martin Dining Hall, on the Miami University campus
  • Sandra Drive
  • Country Club Drive
  • McKee Avenue
  • Brookville Road

And in Oxford Township, warning sirens are located at:

  • Bonham Road
  • 6582 Morning Sun Road
  • 6015 Brown Road
  • 6640 College Corner Pike
  • 5830 Taylor Road
  • 6405 Todd Road

A tornado warning is issued by the National Weather Service when there is a possible threat of a tornado in Butler County determined by radar or satellite and/or a reliable spotter.

The outdoor sirens will be activated and will sound a tone for five minutes. The tones will repeat every ten minutes until the warning has been cleared. Tornadoes typically travel from the southwest to the northeast but this is not always the case.

Outdoor warning sirens are not used to give an “ALL CLEAR” signal. This information is given over TV or local radio. Repeated sounding of the sirens indicates additional warnings are being issued.

Listen to your local radio and/or television stations for information about tornado warnings.

The City tests its emergency warning system on the first Wednesday of each month at noon for three minutes unless there is a possibility of severe weather on that day.

If a weather siren is not functioning, residents may hear police and/or fire sirens in their neighborhood to warn them of the tornado warning.

Tornado terms you should be familiar with:

  • Tornado Watch = tornadoes & severe thunderstorms are possible
  • Tornado Warning = there has been a tornado detected and you should take shelter immediately!


Download the Weather Warning Siren Brochure.