Mission and Strategic Plan


The City of Oxford Department of Economic Development (OED) was founded in 2002. Prior to the creation of the department, economic development efforts were handled by the Oxford Community Improvement Corporation (OCIC). While the day-to-day operations have been internalized as a function of the City, the OCIC remains intact as an advisory board.

The purpose of the City of Oxford Department of Economic Development is to advance, promote, and encourage the economic, commercial, and civic development of the community, so as to:

  • Ensure a positive local government climate for private sector investment;
  • Diversify the community’s economic base;
  • Offer a wider selection of goods and services locally; and
  • Create new and meaningful employment opportunities for its residents.

The OED is dedicated to a two phased approach to economic development. First, it seeks to retain and expand the current business base. The Oxford business community is comprised of approximately 400 business establishments, concentrated for the most part in the retail and service sectors. The vast majority of these businesses are very small, employing less than 5 – 10 people.

Secondly, the city of Oxford realizes the need to attract new business to the area. Such efforts emphasize seeking knowledge based services, electronic commerce, research and development operations, general office and service uses, and unique retail opportunities.

The OED assumes the responsibility to lead the economic development effort of the Oxford community, but realizes that in order to accomplish its goals effectively it must embrace and seek out strategic partnerships.

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Strategic Plan

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