The Community Development Department oversees compliance with the zoning regulations for new structures and alterations of existing structures.

Zoning divides Oxford into districts and regulates the use of the land and the dimensions, location, and use of buildings in those districts for the purpose of ensuring safety, health, convenience, and the general welfare of the citizens.

A Building and Zoning Permit is required for all new construction, building additions, and signs. Changes in the use of a building or lot (such as increasing or decreasing parking) also require a permit. View the Building and Zoning Permit page for a more extensive list.

Planning & Zoning Code

View the City of Oxford Planning & Zoning Code, effective through December 10, 2020.


The ordinances below were passed after the date above and repeal and replace or add certain chapters and sections of the Planning & Zoning Code. They should be used in place of, or in addition to, the respective chapters and sections in the pages linked above.

Chapter or SectionCity Council Adoption DateEffective Date
Chapter 1147 Conditional UsesTue., Jan. 19, 2021Thu., Feb. 18, 2021
Chapter 1149 Parking and Site AccessTue., Jan. 19, 2021Thu., Feb. 18, 2021
Chapter 1141 Accessory, Temporary, Supplemental and Environmental RegulationsTue., Jan. 19, 2021Thu., Feb. 18, 2021
Chapter 1143 DistrictsTue., Jan. 19, 2021Thu., Feb. 18, 2021
Definitions D, P, and STue., Jan. 19, 2021Thu., Feb. 18, 2021

Zoning Map

There are two methods for viewing zoning information:

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