Transient Guest Lodging


The City of Oxford explored the adoption of short-term rental regulations over a number of years.

On April 16, 2019, City Council adopted an ordinance requiring all short-term rentals to register with the City. Registration information was compiled into a Findings Report presented to City Council on September 3, 2019.

Community Development later partnered with Miami University’s Farmer School of Business to conduct additional short-term rental research for the City of Oxford and surrounding areas, completed in January 2020.

Community Development also conducted further outreach to local stakeholders in the summer of 2020.

Current Requirements

The City’s effective legislation on short-term rentals was adopted by City Council on September 15, 2020. The legislation defines the renting of any dwelling unit for less than 30 consecutive days per individual stay as transient guest lodging, which is an accessory use of property. Below are the requirements specifically applicable to transient guest lodging:

  1. Restricted to single-family, two-family, and three-family dwellings only. Buildings containing more than 3 residential units are prohibited from being rented to transients.
  2. The single-family, two-family, or three-family use of the property must be permitted by the underlying zoning district.
  3. For two-family and three-family structures, no more than one dwelling unit may be rented to transients at a time.
  4. No more than 1 booking is allowed at a time.
  5. The maximum number of days a structure may be rented to transients is 90 per year.

All dwelling units operating as transient guest lodging must obtain a Rental Permit prior to renting to guests and are subject to all other standards and requirements, including occupancy limitations, which universally affect all rentals.

Conditional Use Option — Bed & Breakfast

The September 2020 legislation also provides a process to allow flexibility from the prescribed transient guest lodging standards listed above by applying to establish a Bed & Breakfast through the Conditional Use process. 

A Bed & Breakfast is defined as a principal use of property. Through a more discretionary review process by the Planning Commission and City Council, a Bed & Breakfast can potentially be allowed to exceed the Transient Guest Lodging standards; for example, renting more than 90 total days per year or more than one booking at a time. However, Bed & Breakfasts are prohibited from establishing in any area zoned with a Neighborhood Conservation Overlay.

Contact the Community Development office at 513-524-5204 for more information on this option.