Rental Permits

General Information

  • All rental units require an annual Rental Permit.
  • Rental units require safety inspections every 18 to 24 months.
  • Rental Permits are not transferable.
  • Review our Rental Permit Guide for more information. 

Approved Rentals

You can search for a rental certificate and floor plan on BS&A Online.

BS&A Online rental certificate and floor plan screenshot.

Contact us if a residential rental property is not listed or if you trouble finding it.

Information for Tenants

  • Consider permitted occupancy. This is the number of permitted unrelated occupants in a dwelling unit.
  • Download and read the Tenant-Landlord Facts Pamphlet.
  • Read your lease prior to signing, and keep a signed copy for future reference.
  • If there is a problem at your property, such as a nonworking furnace or toilet, you should contact your agent first. If the agent does not resolve your problem, then contact us.

Apply for a Rental Permit

The City of Oxford Codified Ordinances Chapter 1305 PMC-310 defines requirements for applications, permits, and agents.


  • The agent shall be a permanent resident of Butler County, Ohio, or an adjoining county or an entity operating a permanent office in Butler County, Ohio or an adjoining county.
  • Owners may act as their own agent if they live in Butler County, Ohio or an adjoining county.

Floor Plan

The City of Oxford requires a floor plan for every rental unit. The floor plan shall include the dimensions for all walls, rooms, doorways, stairwells and windows, and it shall include room labels (bedroom, kitchen, etc.). A property owner or his agent is required to submit a new/updated floor plan with all new rental permit applications, any time there is a change of ownership of an existing rental property, and any time the floor plan of the property changes.


Pursuant to Chapter 1305, PMC 310.2.2, no Residential Rental Permit will be issued, nor will any Residential Rental Permit be renewed, without a full or plain view inspection of the property by the code official or his agent(s). The City of Oxford’s offers a Rental Property Search which encompasses all rental properties in the City that have been issued permits.  Further, because the safety of Oxford’s residents is of the highest priority, rental properties records will indicate which permits have been issued based on a full (interior and exterior) inspection of the property, and which permits have been issued based solely on a exterior-only inspection of the property.


Annual fees, late fees, and reinspection fees are outlined on page 4 of the Application for Residential Rental Permits.


The following files are fillable PDFs. Download Adobe Acrobat Reader DC for free.

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