Rental Permits & Housing

Rental Types

  • Short-Term: Units rented out for one or more stays lasting less than 14 consecutive days each are considered short-term rentals and require registration with the City.
  • Long-Term: Units rented out for at least one stay/tenancy of 14 or more consecutive days are considered long-term rentals and require an annual rental permit. If a long-term rental unit is at any time rented for at least one stay lasting less than 14 consecutive days, short-term rental registration is also required in addition to the annual long-term rental permit.

Property Maintenance

  • The Property Maintenance Code protects the health, safety and general welfare of the residents of Oxford, and applies to all buildings and properties in Oxford.
  • If you have a property maintenance violation and are unable to resolve them with your agent, use the Citizen Support Center to make a request for an inspector to visit the property.

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Rental Permits and Applications

Property Maintenance

  • National Inspection Corporation (NIC), Office, (513) 524-5239