Property Maintenance

Residential and nonresidential property owners and/or occupants are required to maintain and upkeep their property and buildings according to the Property Maintenance Code.

Laws have been adopted by the Oxford City Council, and include criminal and civil codes such as:

  • Weed and Grass Control
  • Trash and Rubbish Accumulation
  • Trash Container Requirements
  • Upholstered Furniture Outdoors
  • Abandoned Refrigerators
  • Littering

Activity report

The City of Oxford updates this report monthly and it contains a summary of property maintenance activity. Data in table last updated on Wednesday, April 1, 2020.

Residents and owners of mobile homes

The Ohio Department of Commerce regulates mobile homes in the state. Oxford residents and owners of mobile homes should review the Department of Commerce Manufactured Homes page for dealing with property maintenance issues.

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Related information

Trash Container Placement and Maintenance

  • Trash containers must be placed and maintained in accordance with Section 931.03 Placement and Maintenance of Containers of the Oxford Codified Ordinances.
  • View the Trash Can Placement Diagram.

Trim Brush Orders

  • Owners of property adjacent to any tree or vegetation overhanging any street or public right-of-way must prune branches in accordance with Section 935.10 Pruning for Public Safety of the Oxford Codified Ordinances.