Building and Zoning Permit Guide

What requires a permit?

  • Accessory Structure – New or Replacement
  • Additions to Residential and Nonresidential Building
  • Change of Use (Building, Zoning, and/or Floor Plan Change)
  • Commercial Building – New
  • Commercial Exhaust Hood – New or Replacement
  • Commercial Tenant Finish or Alteration
  • Deck and Patio — New or Replacement
  • Demolition
  • Driveway – New or Expansion
  • Dwelling, Multi-Family – New
  • Dwelling, Single-Family – New
  • Electrical Service Upgrade
  • Fence — New or Replacement
  • Fire Alarm – New or Replacement
  • Fire Suppression System – New or Replacement
  • HVAC System – New and replacement
  • Interior Alteration
  • Nonconforming Structure and Use
  • Nonresidential Building – New
  • Parking Lot – New or Change
  • Retaining Wall – New or Replacement
  • Roof — surface and structural (read recent code changes and submission/inspection requirements)
  • Sheds
  • Sign – New or Replacement, including Face Changes
  • Swimming Pool (Above or In-ground) and Hot Tubs
  • Temporary Structure
  • Temporary Tent
  • Uptown Sidewalk Use

There may be other circumstances not contained in the list above. Contact us for clarification before starting work.

Tree Ordinance

City Council recently passed a series of ordinances incorporating new tree and landscaping requirements into the Oxford Zoning Code. These new provisions apply to all new construction, reconstruction, and substantial expansions of existing buildings. See our Trees & Landscaping Guide for more information, or view the adopted ordinance text.

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