Electric Aggregation Program Frequently Asked Questions

Why have I received two letters from Duke Energy, one from November saying I switched providers to Energy Harbor and another in December saying my service was dropped by AEP? 

AEP was the initial provider of renewable energy for the City of Oxford’s electric aggregation program.  This contract expired in December of 2020 and the City accepted bids for a new  contract. A new provider, Energy Harbor, submitted the lowest bid that met all necessary standards for the program.

Duke Energy sent a letter in November with the intention to inform customers of this change in renewable energy providers (from AEP to Energy Harbor).  This letter had the subject line “Enrollment with a New Supplier in Duke Energy’s Electric Customer Choice Program for Account Number ##### — ### - #”

A second letter was  sent in December with the intention to inform customers of the end of the AEP agreement (due to the expiration of the City’s contract and new agreement with Energy Harbor). This letter had a subject line “Return to Duke Energy from the Electric Customer Choice Program for Account Number ##### — ### - #”

These letters have understandably caused significant confusion with Oxford residents. You do not need to take any action for either letter. They are just informing you of changes in our program.   If you have specific questions regarding your Duke Energy account you can contact their customer service line at 1-800-544-6900 or visit their website

Why did the City of Oxford enter an agreement with Energy Harbor?

With the scheduled end of our initial green energy agreement with AEP the City of Oxford opened a bid process for a new renewable energy supplier.  Three companies submitted qualifying bids, with Energy Harbor offering the lowest rate, 4.71 cents per kWh.  The City entered a three-year contract ending in December 2023 with Energy Harbor on May 5, 2020.

Effectively the switch from AEP to Energy Harbor is a continuation of the original electric aggregation program. The only change is in the supplier of the renewable electricity, determined through the formal bidding process.

What about the criminal charges against State of Ohio Legislators filed by the FBI?

On July 21, 2020 the FBI announced official racketeering charges against five State of Ohio legislators stemming from an investigation of their activities related to First Energy, the parent company of Energy Harbor.  At this time no charges have been filed against First Energy, Energy Harbor, or any employee of either company.  

The agreement signed by the City of Oxford, that predated the criminal charges of Ohio lawmakers, does not permit the City to terminate the contract unless Energy Harbor loses its certification or is unable to provide the agreed upon green electric energy.  At this time the City must honor the signed agreement, but we are watching this situation closely.    

Can I stop getting my electricity from Energy Harbor?

You can end your participation in the City of Oxford electric aggregation program at any time and without penalty. Customers may contact the Energy Harbor customer service line at 1-866-636-3749 or visit their website

By ending Energy Harbor service to your home you will be enrolled in Duke Energy’s Standard Service Offer, which offers a current rate of 5.26 cents per kWh.  If you are interested in finding a different course of green electricity you may use the Public Utilities Commission (PUCO) “Apples to Apples” comparison tool from their website

Customers can navigate the PUCO site for residential service to select an electric service supplier and establish their own individual agreement.

I have other questions, how can I get answers?

If you have any questions regarding the City of Oxford electricity aggregation program, contact Seth Cropenbaker at (513) 524-5238.

If you have questions about your service from Energy Harbor, contact their customer service line at 1-866-636-3749 or visit their website

If you have questions concerning the status of your electric utility account, contact Duke Energy at 1-800-544-6900 or visit their website.