COVID-19: Protecting Oxford


    Face Covering Ordinance

      For the safety of our community, the Oxford City Council passed a new face-covering ordinance on August 30, 2021.  This new law is effective immediately and will be in place until December 13, 2021, unless additional action is taken by City Council. 

      Below is a summary of the ordinance. 

      All individuals over the age of 2 years old must wear facial coverings in Oxford, Ohio while:

      • Entering a place of business that is open to the public and while inside a business in the areas that are accessible to and are intended for public use.
        • For purposes of this Ordinance, “business” means any for-profit, non-profit, educational entities, or governmental entities.
      • In any public transportation such as a bus or other public transit vehicle, a taxi, or ridesharing vehicle or any other vehicle for hire, or at a transit stop or waiting area for any public transportation.

      Exclusions include:

      • Those with a medical condition or a disability or those communicating with someone with a disability.
      • Religious facilities
      • When inside a work office or other workspace not intended for use by the public.
      • Those who are actively eating or drinking.
      • Those who are actively exercising or playing sports.
      • Those who are actively involved in public safety.



      We are asking for voluntary compliance of this ordinance but business operators and managers that do not enforce this ordinance repeatedly may be subject to a $100 fine. 

      The City Manager’s office will contact business operators/managers regarding complaints. 

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