Climate Action Steering Committee

The Climate Action Steering Committee shall consist of seven (7) voting members, appointed by Council, including: two (2) City Councilors and five (5) community members. Council and community appointees shall ensure representation of and liaison to the City of Oxford Planning Commission, Environmental Commission, Parking and Transportation Advisory Board and key community organizations and stakeholder groups, the City Manager as an ex-officio member and/or his/her designee and one (1) ex-officio member representing Miami University. The Climate Action Steering Committee shall provide high level coordination on integrated climate issues within the City of Oxford and with neighboring jurisdictions, key stakeholders, and the wider community. Recommend to City Council and to the City Manager climate-action targets, policies and implementation strategies. Promote the coordination of existing boards and commissions. Coordinate greenhouse gas (GHG) inventorying and reporting and regularly engage the public in forums designed to promote community-wide understanding and collaboration in climate planning and action.




Title Name Term Ends
Member Sandra Woy-Hazelton Does not expire
Member Mark Boardman Does not expire
Member David Gorchov Does not expire
Oxford Parking & Transportation Advisory Board Representative David Prytherch Does not expire
Planning Commission Representative Jason Bracken Does not expire