Civil Rights Commission

Consists of five greater Oxford area residents selected by Council to serve three-year overlapping terms: one member shall be appointed for one year, two members shall be appointed for two years, and two members shall be appointed for three years. Thereafter, members shall be appointed for three-year terms of office.

The Commission is charged with the responsibility of studying, investigating, conducting public meetings and public hearings relative to any and all matters of factual situations wherein there is the possibility of the existence of discriminatory practices or prejudice or discrimination which in any manner could conceivably result in any degree of deprivation of the civil rights of any person within the City of Oxford.

The Commisssion shall meet quarterly, unless otherwise needed, on the second Thursday of the following months: March, June, September and December.

Discrimination Complaints

Download the Discrimination Complaint Form.


Title Name Term Ends
Member Matt Arbuckle June 2023
Member Lisa Newman June 2023
Member Rebecca Howard June 2024
Member Brian Revalee June 2024
Member Kathy McMahon-Klosterman June 2022

Upcoming Meetings

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