Alcohol Education Program

Pursuant to Oxford codified Ordinance Chapter 550 the City of Oxford has established an Alcohol Education Program for first time offenders of the following listed violations of the Oxford Code:

  • 509.03 Disorderly Conduct/Public Intoxication
  • 521.08 Littering (with alcohol involved)
  • 525.02 Falsification (with alcohol involved)
  • 525.07 Obstructing Official Business (with alcohol involved)
  • 529.02 Sales to/and use by underage persons
  • 529.05 Permit required
  • 529.06 Sale to and purchase by underage persons prohibited
  • 529.07 Open container prohibited
  • 529.21 Purchase by Minor, Misrepresentation

Successful completion of the AEP will result in dismissal of your charges.

This program is entirely voluntary. You may opt out at any time during the process and continue to have your case/s processed in Area One Butler County Court.

It will be your responsibility to meet all deadlines, make any court appearances, and complete your alcohol class and community service on time. You will be assigned a contact with the Oxford Police Department.

An attorney is not required to participate in the Alcohol Education Program; however, you are encouraged to seek legal advice prior to entering into any agreements.

Submission of this application does not guarantee acceptance into the program nor a committment to participate on your part.

Alcohol Education Program (AEP) Checklist

  • You have been arrested or cited by the Oxford Police Department for an eligible violation.
  • Fill out an application for the Alcohol Education Program and drop it off at the Oxford Police Department, fax it to 513-285-0311, or submit online. (application follows these instructions). Be sure to print legibly with special attention to your telephone number and e-mail address.
  • You will be notified via e-mail of your acceptance or non-acceptance into the AEP.
  • If accepted and you have an attorney, contact your attorney for further information. If you are not utilizing an attorney, contact John Buchholz for an appointment to enter the AEP and pay the $475.00 program fee, schedule your alcohol class and community service information.
  • Once you have completed both the alcohol class and community service and turned both into the City, you will receive an e-mail confirming your AEP completion. This e-mail will have instructions to complete your court requirements as well as you Dismissal Request Letter.
  • You will then pay your court costs to Area One Court anytime prior to your court date. Your charges will not be dismissed until court costs are paid. Telephone number for Area One Court is 513-785-7640.
  • After your charge/s are dismissed, you may apply with Area One Court to have them sealed.

Contact Us

John Buchholz, Community & Business Outreach

Oxford Police Department
11 South Poplar Street
Oxford, OH 45056

(513) 839-4781


Go to the online Alcohol Education Program Application.