Before you apply

  • The City of Oxford requires a building and zoning permit for temporary tents 200 square feet or larger.
  • Use the Requirements and Fees Calculator (Microsoft Excel format) to quickly navigate our tent requirements and estimate fees.
  • Tents cannot cover required parking spaces, access drives and/or driveways.
  • You must request an inspection the day prior to the event, during normal business hours.
  • A tent permit is valid for no more than three days.
  • No more than two tent permits are permitted each year.
  • No more than two tents per residential lot are allowed at one time.
  • No open flame devices, heaters or cooking devices, parked vehicles, or gas engines are allowed within 20 feet of the tent.
  • Keep and maintain clear exits and aisle ways.
  • Residential tents measuring 400 square feet or more with sides or commercial tents 400 square feet or more must have a 12 foot clearance from any other tent or structure, including guide-wires.
  • At no time can an open flame and straw be placed together under or near a tent.


Residential or commercial?

  • Residential: 1-, 2-, and 3-family residences
  • Commercial: Fraternity houses, 4-family or more residential structures (apartment buildings), businesses

Call (513) 524-5204 if you are unsure whether your property is residential or commercial.

Application and documentation

  • Building and Zoning Permit Application. Use our standard permit application.
  • Site Plan. The site plan must show the location of the tent in relation to lot lines, existing buildings and structures, hard surfaces, and driveway.
  • Number of Expected Attendees. Indicate the number of people attending your tent event.

Conditional requirements

We may require the following items depending on the size and type of tent, If required, you must include them with your documentation and permit application.

  • Table, Seating, and Aisle Layout. Provide this layout if the tent is 700 square feet or larger and sheltering 50 or more people. The layout must include the number of occupants and any type of heating or electrical equipment located nearby.
  • Anchorage Details. If a tent is over 400 square feet it must be able to withstand the elements and prevent collapsing, per Section 2403.9.
  • Flame Resistant Material Certificate. Include for tents 400 square feet or more, per NFPA 701 Ohio Fire Code Section 2404.4.
  • Emergency Lighting System. All tents 400 square feet or more, with or without sides.
  • Two Marked Exits, Lighted Exit Signs, No Smoking Signs. All tents 400 square feet more with sides per NFPA 70 and Admin Code 1301:7-7-47.

Reviews and inspections

  • Building Division: Commercial tents 400 square feet or more with sides; commercial tents 700 square feet or more with or without sides
  • Zoning Division: Commercial and residential tents 200 square feet or more
  • Fire Division: Residential tents 400 square feet or more with sides; Commercial tents 400 square feet or more with or without sides


Permit Issuance

Payment & pickup

  • Someone from the Community Development Department will contact you when the permit is approved and ready for pickup and will tell you the total fees due.
  • We accept cash, check, Visa, Mastercard, and Discover.